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Cando boat finance provide cheap bank boat loans. Use our online boat finance calculators to estimate you repayments. Best interest rates across Australia get approved today.

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Boat Finance and Marine Loans explained.

CanDo Boat Loans have the best rates in Australia. Having over 10 year experience dealing with banks and other lenders we are expert boat loan financing brokers. Providing the best and lowest marine loan rates. Approvals are easy if you ask the right question, boat finance only takes a day at most. Saturday or Sunday is OK to call. With low interest rates on large boats Cando Financial offer the best service in the Boat Loans finance industry across Australia. With branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and in between.

Marine Finance: Items we lend for

  • New Boat Loans
  • Used Boat Financing
  • Commercial Fishing vessels
  • Seadoo Jet Ski Finance
  • Yachts and Catamarans Finance
  • Marine & Outboard motors
  • Inboard motors
  • Luxury Cruisers

Why trust a Cando Loan manager?

We respect your business, our business plan is to provide excellent service seven days a week and achieve repeat business from referrals and repeat customers. Yes we do have to make a living from our excellent service to you but we are more than compensated by the banks and other lenders we use. Our business plan has lower overheads and a long term goal of minimal advertising we are a fully web based business. Because we work with one of the biggest if not the biggest exaggerator in Australia we also get offered the lowest boat loan rates from most if not all of Australia major banks. This alone should be enough reason to call a Cando Boat Loans manager today. Yes we are open 7 days a week.

Best Marine Loans - Cando Australia

Big boats and big boat or yacht loans are generally cheaper than smaller loans. This is obvious really, clients buying a three hundred thousand dollar yacht are usually asset backed with multiple securities or investment properties. This does not mean we cannot provide you with an excellent boat loan interest rate for your next purchase, we can but this is just one of the reasons bigger more expensive loans are dearer. Rates start at 6 percent and go upwards from there. An average boat loan for our company will attract about the 7 – 6.5% mark. The best way to find out is to call an discuss, no obligation. It is our job to provide you with the best advice and we pride ourselves on doing just that.

Insurance Cando Financial

Before a bank will pay the seller, most if not all boat finance lenders require the marine vessel you are buying to be comprehensively insured. Cando boat insurance brokers offer this service free of charge and utilise the services of Club marine as the company we prefer. The final choice is your tho. Check you insurance contract closely make sure it covers all the boat finance or jet ski's use age, terms and conditions.


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